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St. Louis, MO 63188

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Saint Louis is 18th on the top 20 list of vulnerable cities for sex trafficking

US. Department of Justice, 2012

                          is part of a national network of more than 40 programs (modeled after Thistle Farms in Nashville) dedicated to changing a culture that allows human beings to be bought and sold.


St. Louis has a number of risk factors making it vulnerable to this problem, including a large number of runaways, high truancy rates, poor quality education systems, concentrated poverty, a thriving sex trade industry, and its geographic location (cross-country interstates, a large airport, and convention centers).


The mental and physical health needs of sexual exploitation survivors are among the most complex of crime victims. They benefit from a multidisciplinary approach to address:

  • Severe (complex) trauma

  • Suicidal ideation and attempts

  • Substance abuse and addiction

  • Depression, anxiety, panic disorder

  • Trauma bonding

  • Medical needs

  • Financial problems

  • Safety concerns

  • Shelter and other basic needs

  • Reintegration with families of origin

Bravely's clinical program is designed to meet these  needs, including the use of PTSD therapy dogs Gus and Gilda.