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© 2018 Magdalene St Louis.

Address: P.O. Box 1143

St. Louis, MO 63188


Tel: 314-339-5216

Lessons and Pain -
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rebuilding lives together

We are a residential community for women who have survived lives of commercial sexual exploitation (trafficking and prostitution), violence and addiction.


Located in the Old North neighborhood of St. Louis, we help women heal and rebuild their lives through free long-term housing, medical care, trauma therapy, education, and job readiness. 


Our work is rooted in social justice, with a goal of total transformation.



Our two-year program offers free housing and case management to access community networks for medical care, therapy and education for up to 7 women. We serve hundreds more each year with advocacy and referral services.


Through our social enterprise and it's training arm, Bravely Academy, women learn business skills and are employed at a living wage. Upon graduation, they will have accumulated savings and transferable job skills which will empower them to support themselves for life. 


Trauma recovery is critical to a woman’s ability to heal her life. Women at Bravely have experienced multiple forms of trauma over their lifetimes. Honoring the long road that each woman has walked can help us focus on the strength and courage it has taken her to survive. 


Give Monthly

Become a BRAVE monthly partner means strong and steady funding that can allow us to deliver lasting impact to women in need in our community.


Look what one monthly gift can do:


$20 = One weekly therapy co-pay


$45 = Nutritious meals for 7 days for a woman


$150 = Group therapy for a month for two women